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McIntosh Stables is a full-service barn that takes an active role in the care and welfare of the horses under our charge. We offer a full service training program for horses and riders of all ages.

Head trainers Colin and Toni McIntosh oversee the entire program, with a specialized focus on those riders preparing for competition. McIntosh Stables is supported by a talented and highly experienced team of assistant trainers, who assist with coaching and handle training and barn management in Colin and Toni's absence. The team of head coaches and assistants work hand in hand and take pride in their solid training and coaching abilities. Our team is such that you can expect the same high quality level of coaching and training while Colin and Toni are away competing, as you will when they are home.

We believe that regular and consistent movement contributes greatly to the horse's mental health and body condition. Each horse in our training program gets out of their stall every day. On their day off they get extra long turnout time in our large turnout, and a free lunge if needed.

We utilize our large and medium-sized turnouts, free lunging and lunging with a Pessoa rig, customized workouts on our Classic Equine treadmill, training rides and lessons to create a custom program for each horse. There is a trainer at the barn 7 days per week. Our program consists of two lessons per week, in addition to professional rides. Since there is no static formula that can be applied when dealing with horses, we customize each horse's program depending on horse ability and client goals.

Most importantly, there are always highly trained eyes on your horse. We perform morning and evening checks on the horses every day. In this way we can constantly assess and maintain each horse's physical health and disposition.


McIntosh Stables is located at the beautiful Portola Valley Training Center in Menlo Park, CA just a short drive from San Francisco and San Jose. We have 2 private arenas; one a sand grand-prix field and another smaller GGT arena and access to a sizable GGT covered arena and sand galloping track. McIntosh Stables also has a HorseGym Treadmill, heated wash racks and VitaFloor on site. Our facility also includes larger paddocks for day-time turnout as well as smaller separated turnouts.

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