What we do here is strive for mastery

McIntosh Stables USA envisions a community of horse trainers that embrace and espouse the principles of Positive Coaching for the ultimate benefit of horse and rider in the experience of their sport. McIntosh Stables USA envisions a community of equestrians of all ages who gain life skills, health, and happiness through the process of learning their sport. We envision McIntosh Stables USA as the top industry leader recognized for mastery of the sport through a safe, positive, and enjoyable training experience.


McIntosh Stables, or Team Green, is a group of horse training professionals that strive to produce top athletes in their sport. Read More >>


Our training program is tailored to our client's and horse's unique needs in order to inspire confidence and sportsmanship in and out of the arena. Read More >>

Sale Horses

At McIntosh Stables, we take pride in offering and producing quality sport horses for the national and international market.Read More >>