Club Program

The sport of show jumping has been around many years and was known as the “Sport of Kings.” It was one of the original Olympic sports. Today the sport has grown into a popular activity for all ages to participate in at what ever level you choose. Once you begin competing at shows there are all sorts of local, regional, national, and international awards that can be obtained.

Equestrian sport including show jumping is unique in that it is the only sport at local through Olympic level which females and males of all ages compete on equal footing. The gold medalist in show jumping at the Rio Olympics was a 58 year old.

Here at McIntosh Stables we are lucky enough to have Colin and Toni McIntosh who have succeeded in the sport at the highest levels. Colin competed at the Olympics in ’88 and is one of the very few level 4 international show jumping coaches. Toni has competed at the Grand Prix level and in World Cup qualifiers. She still competes in high level competitions in the USA. A very high calibre of Coaches round off the Team. Check out our web site to read more about our team members and get their full biographies.

We also have a “Pony Club” that riders can join. Pony Club is an international group where riders can work towards stepping up the grades and obtaining internationally recognized levels. The Pony Club Program is designed to start riders on their equestrian journey and allows a fun informative experience for all who are accepted into the program. Some schools give P.E. credits for this activity.

Come jump with us!

How to get started:

Step 1: Become a member of the “McIntosh Riding Club”.
  • You will ride 2 times per week (8 times per month) with a Club Coach
  • You will ride different horses or ponies
  • Learn or touch up on basic riding skills such as walk, trot, canter and jumping

  • Step 2: After 2/4 months you will step up into the “Priority Club”
  • You will mostly ride the same horse or pony
  • You will able able to hack once a month
  • Toni will attend up to 2 lessons per month and give feed back on improvements
  • You will be able to attend shows
  • You will be invited to 2 Colin Clinic’s per year

  • Step 3: Leasing or Purchase
  • This step is to be taken at your own pace.
  • You can either lease or purchase your own horse (price sheets available of costs for both ownership and leasing)
  • There is no time frame to doing this but the enjoyment and the rate of improvement accelerates greatly when you have your own equine partner.
  • Once you Lease or Own your own horse Colin and Toni are very involved in your training to help you reach your goals and dreams

  • Priority Program

    After 2-4 months of getting to know our school horses and our instructors better able to understand your goals as an equestrian, riding club members are expected to step up to the priority package. This is to further progress their riding abilities through forming a bond with one of our club horses.

    The priority package is an additional charge for use of the same horse. The priority package gives the rider a chance to build their skills and relationship with one horse. This is also a very good introduction to eventually leasing/purchasing your own horse. This package also includes 1 hack per month on the horse.

    You will be able to attend shows, you will be invited to 2 Colin Clinics per year. Toni will attend lessons (when available) to give feedback on goals, next steps, and improvements.

    In Barn Leasing

    Riding Club members can then decide to lease one of our lovely school horses or a horse from outside the program. Riders will be able to schedule 2-3 lessons per week, hack during barn hours, and have a custom program comprised of feedings, turnouts, professional rides, treadmill, vitafloor, and various other treatments for their lease horse.

    Club and Priority Program Photos

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