Club Program

The McIntosh Riding Club is designed to help you start your riding career or get you back in the saddle, pursuing your passion for riding and jumping whilst being a part of a supportive team.

For the first 1-4 months you will be put on different horses and ponies in order to see which type of equine partner suits you best. During this period we also assess your current level and needs as a rider. You will ride two times a week (8 times per month).

Priority Program

After 2-4 months of getting to know our school horses and our instructors better able to understand your goals as an equestrian, riding club members are expected to step up to the priority package. This is to further progress their riding abilities through forming a bond with one of our club horses.

The priority package is an additional charge for use of the same horse. The priority package gives the rider a chance to build their skills and relationship with one horse. This is also a very good introduction to eventually leasing/purchasing your own horse. This package also includes 1 hack per month on the horse.

You will be able to attend shows, you will be invited to 2 Colin Clinics per year. Toni will attend lessons (when available) to give feedback on goals, next steps, and improvements.

In Barn Leasing

Riding Club members can then decide to lease one of our lovely school horses or a horse from outside the program. Riders will be able to schedule 2-3 lessons per week, hack during barn hours, and have a custom program comprised of feedings, turnouts, professional rides, treadmill, vitafloor, and various other treatments for their lease horse.

Club and Priority Program Photos

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